New Patrols Interface

Discover how to easily navigate the new patrol interface for improved security and effectiveness.

Updated at October 5th, 2023

Table of Contents

We are continually evolving and keeping ourselves updated to give you the best experience possible when using EarthRanger. That is why we updated the Patrols interface. 


Patrol Details

The map is a big part of EarthRanger and we don’t want to cover it when you are managing your Reports and Patrols. This is why the new interface keeps the Patrols Details on the left while you can preview and monitor the map at the same time. 


An Objective field has been added to the Patrols Details where you can capture the information of each Patrol as well as the purpose and important details. 


Start and End Location is now displayed as a field on the Patrol Details, this way you can access your coordinates more easily. 

We have added hints to the End Time to help calculate duration. 


This only works if the Start and End Date are the same



The Activity section shows Reports, Notes and Attachments added to the Patrol. 


You can expand a Report in the Activity section and it will show a summary of the Report inside the Patrol Details.  

We also added Start Time to the Activity section so you can see it as a timeline of what happened during the Patrol. 


In the new Patrols Details interface, Notes are shown in a view where they can be displayed and read through the Patrol Details without leaving the screen.  


Images can be previewed in the Patrol Details and if necessary they can be expanded to full screen.


The History section is being shown now in a more visible place which includes the details of the Patrol such as who added what, and who made each comment or edit. 


This new Patrol interface is now available for beta version and can be activated through a toggle switch on the Menu. 

Please contact the Support group if you have any questions.