Event Types and Permissions

Learn about how to set up Report Types and Permissions

Updated at April 24th, 2024


In order to be able to have Events available on your site you will have to go through some configuration on the Admin side to be able to personalize your site. 


Here you will find some examples of this configuration but reach out to an EarthRanger Support Contact in case you have any questions. 


Event Categories 

Are sub-groups where the event types are categorized and how they display on EarthRanger. For example if you are going to have Security Patrols, you can create a Event Category called "Security" where all of your Events that concern security can go here.  

You can create the Event Categories previous to starting a new Event Type or do it directly in the Event Type section. 

Event Types 

An event type is created to report specific events and keep track of the details of it. You can create as many Event Types as your organization needs. 


To create an Event Type you will find the Event Type  section under Activity. 

When clicked a list of the existing Event Types will display with its details. 

Click on Add Event Type on the top right of the page. 


To create a new Event Type you will to add this information: 


Display - This is the Name of the Event Type. 

Value - This is the represented value of the Event Type and it has to be in lowercase and no spaces in between. 

Category - This will be the category where the Event Type will live. In case you previously created an Event Category for this Event Type it will be displayed on the dropdown menu.  

If not, by clicking on the Add Another Event Category button, at the right of the Dropdown menu, a pop-up will appear with the necessary detailed information for the created Event Category. 

Is Collection - Checkmark to select if this Event Type is part of a collection or not. 

Icon Override - You can select from the menu a pre-made icon that relates to the Event Type or you could send a request to the EarthRanger Support Team for a personalized icon. 

Ordernum - This represents the order the Event Types will appear on your EarthRanger site 

Automatically resolver after () hours - By selecting this option you can select a range of hours a report of this Event Type will be made and resolved automatically. 

Geometry Type - This will be the geometry the Event will have, it can be a point or a polygon that covers an area. 

After an event type is created, its geometry type cannot be changed. 

Default Priority - This is the priority that the Event will have as a default.  

Default State - This is the state that the Event will have as a default. 

Is active - By selecting this it will make the Event Type active and available in the EarthRanger site. 



Schema & Form Definition 


To determine the fields that the Event Type will display when creating new Events, they have to be added in the form of a Schema.  

In this Form you will add the information that you will need for each Event Type.


This Schema is written in JSON to determine the format and the information. If requested, the Support Team can create the Schema for you.


Here is an example of how the Schema looks on Admin and how it would look as a Event in EarthRanger. 



In order to be able to create Events on EarthRanger you have to make sure your permissions are set correctly.

Each permission set allows the added users to have specific actions allowed within EarthRanger. 


For Events, we have a pre-made set of permissions based on the role the users will be using to which you can just add the users. Nevertheless you can create as granulated and specific permissions as needed. 

Here are some examples of the default set of permissions for Events. 

Admin User Event allows you to 

Create analyzer Events

Create logistics Events

Create monitoring Events

Create security Events

Delete analyzer Events

Delete logistics Events

Delete monitoring Events

Delete security Events

Modify DEPRECATED monitoring Events

Modify DEPRECATED security Events

Modify analyzer Events

Modify logistics Events

Modify monitoring Events

Modify security Events

View DEPRECATED monitoring Events

View DEPRECATED security Events

View analyzer Events

View logistics Events

View monitoring Events

View security Events

Admin HIDDEN Event Permissions allows you to: 

Can create hidden events

Can delete hidden events

Can read hidden events

Can update hidden events



Please contact the EarthRanger Support Team if you need any assistance with the creation of new Event Types or set Permissions.