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Updated at December 8th, 2023

The EarthRanger Team is offering three different trainings for EarthRanger users.  Each training session is directed to different type of users and functions on EarthRanger. 

Here are the available trainings.  


EarthRanger for Operators Training Overview (2 hour session)     

This training session covers basic EarthRanger operations for  EarthRanger Operators.  It is intended for users just exposed to the EarthRanger platform or for those wanting a refresher on basic operations.      

Question and Answer sessions will be provided, but detailed questions about specific site needs would be better addressed by contacting     

Topics covered:     
- Accessing EarthRanger     
- Map Interaction     
- Monitoring Devices     
- Adding Reports and Incidents     
- Patrol Management     
- Analyzers     
- Time Slider and Heatmaps     
- Alerts     
- Data Export and Reporting     
- Getting Help

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EarthRanger for Administrators Overview (3 hour session)     

This training session is a very fast paced introduction to the EarthRanger Administration system.  It is intended for advanced EarthRanger users comfortable with computer configuration and authorized to make changes on an EarthRanger system.     

Topics Covered:     
- Maps     
- Device Overview     
- Data Model Overview     
- Users and Security     
- Alerts and Notifications     
- Analyzers 

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EarthRanger for Basic Tableau Overview (2 hour session)     

This training session covers the basics of using Tableau with EarthRanger and the basics of creating your own dashboard and reports.     

Topics Covered:     
- Adding and Managing Users     
- Controlling access to Specific Items     
- Sharing Reports     
- Connecting Tableau to your own Data     
- Basics on Creating your Own Reports     
- Other Tableau Tools Available to You     
- Advanced Learning Materials Available to You