Getting Help

Learn how to get the support and assistance you need to tackle difficult issues.

Updated at March 13th, 2023

If you need help with EarthRanger, here are some resources to try: 


  • Contact the EarthRanger team: Send email to with a detailed description of the issue and questions about how the EarthRanger team can be of help.  
  • Open a support ticket: On the ride side of the EarthRanger title bar, select the Menu button and then select Contact Support. Enter the requested information in the Contact us window and click Send to open a support ticket. 
  • Access our Help Center: This site is filled with helpful information and documents that should answer most common questions. 
  • Talk to peers and your local administrator: Other users of EarthRanger may be the quickest and easiest sources of information. Your administrator, in particular, should be able to help with any concerns about logging in, permissions, or system performance. 

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