EarthRanger Mobile Version 2.2.4

Discover the latest updates and improvements in the EarthRanger mobile version 2.2.4.

Updated at February 1st, 2024


Update Patrol details with serial number 

The Patrols Details view has been updated to include feedback on relevant data of interest and a serial number of the patrol was added. The serial number represents the unique identifier for patrols and allows a way for mobile field data collectors to uniquely identify which patrol they are referencing with web based users

Allow Form field titles to be multi-line

In previous versions, the Form field titles were cut short and not visible if some character numbers were exceeded. Now, the multi-line field title is supported to ensure the full context of the data field is visible. 

Submit reports when patrol doesn't exist 

There were occasions when reports associated with patrols were being rejected when trying to upload them due to the fact that the patrol didn't exist. In this new version you will be able to submit reports outside the context of the patrol. 

Patch patrol updates 

In this new patch, patrol stopping an existing patrol should update the patrol. 

Fix ensure user has ID prior to patrol upload 

With this new version, we are ensuring that users have an ID in order to be able to start tracking and/or a patrol. 


Fix ensuring parent users have log out button

In 2.2.4, we are making sure that parent users have the log out button available.