Profiles on Mobile

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Updated at February 15th, 2024

PIN Authentication


If profiles are configured correctly and the parent user accesses the app with the standard login procedure a PIN authorization view will be displayed asking the user to enter the 4-digit unique PIN.


Remember that the PIN assignment and profile creation has to be done manually in the admin. 


Once authenticated with a user PIN, that user will be associated with Tracks, Patrols and Reports created on the device. 


If the PIN is incorrect, a PIN authorization error will be shown and the user will be able to try with a different code.


Switching users

If the current user has a PIN and either has Profiles associated to them, or is a part of a Profile set belonging to the logged in user, they will see the “Switch Active user” button allowing them to display the PIN authorization view to switch to another PIN based user. 



Logging out of the app


The only user presented with an option to log out of the app is the user that authenticated with a username and a password. Users who switch based on PIN authentication are not able to log out of the app and can only switch to another PIN based user. 



EarthRanger version 2.2.4