Map Tools

Updated at January 30th, 2024

Table of Contents


Map Tools 

On the bottom right of the map you will be able to find the Map Tools that contains the tools to navigate through the map.


 Quick Add - Button in the Map Tools for easy access to create an event or field assignment.

 Basemaps – Here you will have the possibility to change the type of map you are visualizing like Terrain, Topographic, Satellite, etc.

 Map pin – Select a place on a location on the map to place a pin and create an Event.

. Ruler – Helps you measure distance and compass between two points on the map. 

 Print – By clicking this you will be able to capture a printable screenshot of how the map looks at the time.

. Time slider – Display a slider that you can use to view map conditions over a range of times 

. Zoom – Select to zoom in or out on the Map.