About Heat Maps

Updated at January 31st, 2024

Heat Maps are a visual representation that show the location and the intensity of their associated reports. These can represent the locations that a tracked asset has been, or it can be locations of reports that have been entered.

The color of each Heat Map changes from violet to red as the number of reports associated with it increases; the higher the sensitivity, the faster the color changes. 

Heat Map circles can have a sensitivity from Low to High and a radius of 10 to 20000 meters and can be configured on the Heat Map Settings located on the top corner of the Map. 



Heat Maps for Tracked Subjects 


By selecting a sensitivity number you are selecting the number of Reports for the tracked to have to interact for the color of the Heat Map circles to change. This is represented in the map where you can see different colors for the tracked subjects and the areas they have been. 


Activating Heat Maps 

  • You can activate the Heat Maps by selecting the Heat Map Toggle on the Map Layers. 
  • This can be as Individual subjects or activate the Heat Map for a complete Layer. 
  • You can also activate the Heat Map for an individual subject by selecting Heat Map in the Tracked Subject Properties directly in the Map. 
  • Heat Maps can also be activated for all the Reports that are visible in the Map.