EcoScope FAQ

Learn answers to frequently asked questions about the EcoScope tool migration.

Updated at October 10th, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions 


What is EcoScope?

A: It is our new reporting and data visualization tool that will allow us to write new reports and analyses using a host of tools, including developing directly in Python and R, leveraging frameworks like Plotly, R Shiny, perhaps Apache Superset, and also applying advanced methodologies like AI.


When is the transition happening? 

A: Our goal is to have the initial phase of the new platform in place by the end of the year. This timeline will ensure that we have a solid foundation to work from. Following the initial launch there will be an ongoing effort to improve and add new modules to the platform, ensuring that it evolves to meet your changing needs. The existing Tableau licenses will expire in February of 2025. 


Why are we moving to EcoScope? 

A:  We understand that many of our partners have faced challenges with Tableau. While Tableau has served us well in the past, its adoption proved to be more difficult than anticipated. We have taken your feedback seriously and that’s why we’re committed to providing you with a more intuitive, efficient, and conservation-focused solution.


What do I need to do? 

A: To ensure a smooth transition, we will provide comprehensive training and support to help you become familiar with the tool. We'll organize training sessions, provide documentation, and offer assistance as needed.  Our goal in developing EcoScope, though, is that minimal training will be necessary.  We intend for it to be an intuitive tool that will provide significant value to users of all skill levels.


What are the advantages of EcoScope?

A: Ecoscope offers a host of advantages, enabling you to better understand trends and patterns, ultimately improving the way you make data-driven decisions on behalf of wildlife. Here are a few key points about where we’re headed with Ecoscope: 


Easier to Use: Ecoscope will be getting a user-friendly interface that simplifies the report generation process, making it accessible to a wider range of team members. Additionally, we are implementing features that allow for the scheduling and delivery of reports through various mechanisms, ensuring that critical information reaches you in a timely and convenient manner. 


Enhanced Features: Its modular approach to report generation allows EarthRanger and the community to build reports directly on top of modern programming languages, enhancing flexibility and expanding the realm of possibilities for reporting. 


Improved Data Integration: We understand the importance of seamless data integration in your reporting, which is why Ecoscope is not a tool just for EarthRanger users. It will leverage data from EarthRanger, but also many other sources such as SMART and satellite remote imagery data, offering better integration capabilities. The combination of data sources allows you to connect and analyze data from multiple sources effortlessly and to leverage the combination of these sources to expose complicated inferences and correlations. 



What is the data privacy policy of EcoScope?  

A:  EcoScope will be deployed by and governed by the EarthRanger sharing policy which can be reviewed here: