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Updated at January 29th, 2024

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Profiles on the web app work very similarly to how user profiles have always worked. 


You will first have to login to EarthRanger using the parent user of your EarthRanger site. 

In order to switch to a profile with a PIN you will find them by clicking on the user name on the Top Navigation Bar. 

When clicking you will get the list of the user profiles available. 

Once you select your profile a prompt will appear to let you add your PIN in order to login. 


Remember that this PIN is a 4 digit number configured from the admin page

If introduced correctly, the page will refresh and you will be able to continue your functions as the user profile you just logged in. 

This allows the user to create patrols and reports all linked to this specific user profile. And be able to add a layer of security to our system when sharing devices and platforms.  


Logging off a session


When logging off you will have to know that Profile users will only be able to switch to another profile user. Logout option appears disabled for User Profiles.