Tracked Subjects

Updated at January 30th, 2024


Tracked Subjects 


A Subject in EarthRanger represents a device that is sending periodic data; such as tracking locations or sensor readings. 

Examples of tracked subjects include aircraft, drones, boats, wheeled vehicles, animals wearing tracking collars, and people carrying GPS-enabled radios. 


This enables a variety of information displayed for each of the subjects, in the case of Tracked Subjects in the Tracked Subject Properties you will be able to see the name, location, time of last contact, and tracking options.  You can distinguish collared animals based on the direction of the icon. The female icon faces right, while the male icon faces left.


The subject’s current location and location over time are displayed as a Track. Which is displayed as a series of dots connected by lines with arrows showing the direction traveled.  

Selecting an arrow in a Track shows when the subject was at that precise location. To see the Tracks more clearly, you can select on the Tracked Subject Properties to show them, pin them on the map, or hide them. 

The Track Length is configured by clicking the Tracks View Settings in the top right of the Map. This Settings have two options for the configuration, the first is to “Match Report Filter” that matches the duration of the Report Time filtered. The second option is “Custom length”, which lets you set how many days of track


Tip: To see the tracks of multiple subjects, repeat this process for any number of desired subjects.