EarthRanger Mobile Version 2.0.2

Discover the benefits of the upgraded version of EarthRanger Mobile, featuring improved stability and faster loading times.

Updated at October 17th, 2023


Support Disabled choices in Reports

Previously, the app was not consistently honoring the setting for disabled choices in Report field dropdown lists, while the web version, effectively hid any disabled choices.

With this new feature, disabled choices will be appropriately filtered out of the Report dropdown field types they are listed in. This ensures that users won't see or select choices that have been intentionally disabled.

Support Patrol Types default icon

In this new version we addressed an issue where the app would crash if a Patrol type lacked an associated icon. Users previously experienced unexpected shutdowns when attempting to start Patrols without set icons. 

With this fix, the app now gracefully handle such scenarios, ensuring a smoother and crash-free experience.

Localization updates

We've addressed a significant concern related to missing translations in the app. Users had pointed out the absence of translations for Patrol details in several languages, including Swedish (SW), Spanish (ES), French (FR), and Portuguese (PT). We're pleased to announce that these translations have now been integrated.

Fixed issues with adding database to issue Reports

Users Reported that the database (DB) was not being attached to emails when utilizing the "Report an Issue" view. We have now successfully resolved this concern, ensuring the DB attachment process is seamless when Reporting issues.