Create a New Report

Updated at April 10th, 2023

Table of Contents

How to create a New Report 


To create a Report, the first step is to select the Report Type, you can find them filtered by different categories. You will be the one that fits best on the requirements for the report. 

The next step is to select the priority, this will determine the color of the Report on the Reports Feed. 


Once you have selected the category and the Report type, a new view with the details of the Report will be displayed. 


Depending on the Report type, the details of the Report might change except for: 

  • Reported by 
  • Priority
  • Report Location
  • Report Date
  • Report Time


To complete the Report  you will have to fill out the Details, Activity, Links and History. Attach any Notes, Attachments or other reports. 


Once you have all the information needed, you can wrap up by clicking Save